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Choreography: Natalie Wagner

Landesbühnen Sachsen



Choreography: Wagner Moreira

Landesbühnen Sachsen

Tilted's Constructions of Thin Air

Choreography: Maresa von Stockert
Filmed by Jeremy Cox



Choreography: Yotam Peled

Everything that Happened and Would Happen

Direction: Heiner Goebbels

Rui Xu at Christie's London

Film: Albert Zhang


Belonging(s) Trailer 1

Video: Maresa Von Stockert

From Xuan to Blindness

Video: Panos Damaskinidis

Direction: Madaleine Trigg

Design: Rui Xu

Organic Matter


Concept and Film: Tuan Ly

Performer: Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti

In March

'A durational film installation on 4 screens'

Concept and Film: Tuan Ly

Performer: Emily Jeffries

Travelling/Through Berlin #1


Natalie Adams, Tuan Ly

Videography: Flux Arts (Florian Klein)

Und woher weiss ich, wer ich bin?


Director: Grete Pagan

Film: Alexander Merberth

Dear Lido


Choreographer: Rosie Whitney-Fish

Basingstoke Festival

Café Obaasan


Director: Tuan Ly

Film: Teafilms Production

Bladverk (Short)

For long version click here


Concept and Film: Tuan Ly

Reality about Yoko Ono's Grapefruit in 20 Stations (Trailer)


Concept/Film: Laura Soria

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